Friday, November 11, 2011

Kiss My Ass, Kick My Ass, Kick Your Ass: Season 2, Volume 5

It has been a few weeks, but here we go...

Kiss My Ass - Joe Paterno and all of the other enablers in State College. If the allegations in the grand jury report are true or are even remotely true, then the failure of moral responsibility shown by Joe Paterno and others at Penn State is so stupefying and colossal that there is absolutely no excuse and their immediate dismissal is just the first step. Here's the deal... if McQueary had called Joe Paterno and reported that he witnessed Sandusky sexually assaulting Joe's 10 year old grandson, how would Paterno have responded? Oh, but it wasn't Joe's grandson or any other kid he loved, so what did Joe do? Not much. How could he ever allow Sandusky within a mile of his facility after this came to light? How could he allow such a despicable act or acts to be swept under the rug and kept quiet so that Sandusky could potentially continue preying upon little boys? How could McQueary ever cross paths with Sandusky again without splitting his face with a claw hammer? I am so thoroughly disappointed that Paterno let those kids down. All the good he did for 60+ years is nullified in my view by his failure in the most crucial crisis he faced as the leader of the Penn State program. It is a heartbreaking yet disgusting failure and for that, Joe Paterno et al can Kiss My Ass.

Kick My Ass - Kwame Geathers. Last Saturday, I took my kids to the Dawg Walk. We were right behind the sousaphones. In fact, the kids were reaching out and slapping five with all the players.  Some players were tiny, some were small, some were medium sized, some were large, some were huge, and then there was Kwame. He is monolithic. He is listed as 6-6 and 350 lbs. He looked like he was two of me, or more. I hope he will focus his energy and destruction on the Auburn backfield tomorrow, but if for any reason he wanted to, he could most likely Kick My Ass.

 Kick Your Ass - Jerry Sandusky. I will make this short because this vile, monstrous, sub-human makes me so sick I can hardly stand writing his name. I believe medieval justice would be too lenient for him. If he gets his ass kicked or worse a thousand times in prison, it won't be enough.


Anonymous said...

Lets say he's innocent and his life

and everybodies involved lives are ruined.What then?Would you say I'm
sorry Joe?America is too interested in yellow journalism to
be rational.Kim's divorce is more important than the suffering in Alaska right now.I fear for are future,USA must gain IQ.We are an infantile nation.P.S you all have garbage in your families gathering flies.Dig?

Hunker Down said...

I would absolutely say I am sorry if it turns out that the grand jury got this wrong and Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary were having memory issues when the gave sworn testimony acknowledging all of the points made in my post. I can't imagine why they would have given such testimony but if they lied to the grand jury, I will take back what I said in this post and rewrite it to say that this was the most bizarre situation I have ever seen.

As for the rest of your comment, I am sorry but I can't do the mental gymnastics to relate it to anything I wrote.

Amanda said...

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