Friday, December 18, 2009

Footie Picker Bowl Edition

I am in last place in my Footie Picker league of about 12 guys. I have been utterly awful this season, as in most seasons. Before you get angry with me for picking A&M to cover, be aware that I expect the Dawgs to win, but by less than 7 points. I won't mind if we win by more, however... as I said... I am in last place anyway. Here goes nothing...

Fresno State 11.5 Wyoming
Rutgers 2.5 Central Florida
Southern Miss 3.5 Middle Tennessee State
Oregon State
2.5 Byu
California 3 Utah
Nevada 15 Smu
Ohio 2.5 Marshall
Pittsburgh 3 Unc
Southern Cal 9 Boston College
Clemson 7.5 Kentucky
Georgia 7 Texas A&M
Ucla 3.5 Temple
Miami (Fla) 3 Wisconsin
Bowling Green 1 Idaho
Arizona 1.5 Nebraska
Missouri 6.5 Navy
Houston 4.5 Air Force
Oklahoma 8 Stanford
Minnesota 2.5 Iowa State
Virginia Tech 4.5 Tennessee
Auburn 7.5 Northwestern
West Virginia 2.5 Florida State
Penn State 2.5 Lsu
Oregon 3.5 Ohio State
Florida 10.5 Cincinnati
S. Florida 6.5 Northern Illinois
South Carolina 4.5 UConn
Ole Miss 3 Oklahoma State
Arkansas 7.5 East Carolina
Texas Tech 8 Michigan State
Tcu 7 Boise State
Georgia Tech
4 Iowa
Central Michigan 3.5 Troy
Alabama 4.5 Texas

Tiebreaker #1: How many points will Alabama score in the BCS title game? 27

Tiebreaker #2: How many points will Texas score in the BCS title game? 13

Tiebreaker #3: How many points will Georgia Tech score in the Orange Bowl against Iowa? 31

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