Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dawgs Independence Bowl Wrap Up

Apparently, we don't need a new Defensive Coordinator. Did you see those strange plays by our defeinsive backs where they stayed close to the receivers and when the ball came near, they used their hands to reach out and knock it down or to grab it and run the other way? Weird!

Our pass rush disrupted the Aggie QB's rhythm all night and forced him into lots of bad throws. And... we did it with a 4 man rush on most plays. Wow!

Loved how our running game finally got going once Bean Anderson replaced Vance at Right Tackle. We certainly missed Josh Davis, but once Bean came in, things started working. Happy to see Chapas rip off a few double-digit gainers.

While it was great to get AJ Green back, Joe couldn't seem to hit him in stride on a single pass. Every reception was a leaping grab and no chance to run after catch. But... how about Aron White stepping up for two TD grabs! Also liked the way Mike Moore played his last game as a Dawg.

Last thing... It sure was a beautiful thing to be on the receiving end of costly turnovers deep in enemy territory. Thanks A&M.

And one big Thank You to all the seniors and any other players who played their last game as Dawgs. Your hard work and commitment has provided us with many thrills in the past few years and I wish you well as you move on to your next challenge.

Go Dawgs. GATA!

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