Monday, November 16, 2009

A Real Man Can Cry, Can't He?

I ain't afraid to cry. Some things give me a tear every time... every time:

Watching my children achieve another milestone.

The National Anthem.


The singing of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" at the processional of every Christmas Eve service.

Fantine's Death in Les Miserables.

The ending of "It's A Wonderful Life."

(Big time waterworks)

The singing of "Navy Blue and Gold" after beating Army or Air Force (or Notre Dame.)

And the glorious tears of joy after Georgia beats a rival. What is so beautiful is that our record was totally irrelevant to the insane joy of the Georgia faithful when we denied Auburn's final attempt and preserved the win! Thank you DAWGS!


Ollllddude said...


Eric Corbett said...

Are you afraind to write? Nothing since Monday? You got a big game this week against Kentucky. Where's the analysis?

Hunker Down said...

I know, I know. But... with this team analysis is as useless as balls on a mule.