Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick Hitters

Georgia - Auburn Final Thoughts
  1. Firefly Vodka - enough was too much. The Auburn game is my drinking Achilles heel.
  2. I asked for lots of Rambo and we got it and more. He basically saved the game at risk of his life. He would make a damn good Marine!
  3. I asked for more than 140 yards of rushing and we got 169 and all of that in the final 3 quarters.
  4. I wanted Joe Cox to have a better night than Chris Todd. I will say that Cox's zero interceptions beats Todd's two.
  5. I wanted AJ Green to get the ball 10 times. Unfortunately, he got hurt in the second quarter after 3 receptions. We will not have him back for Ga Tech and that hurts.
  6. Beating Auburn always feels good. Really good.

Chance Veazey...There were lots of folks wearing Team Veazey shirts supporting the Bulldogs baseball player who was tragically paralyzed when he was hit by a car while riding a scooter. We met some friends of the Veazey family who described Chance as an outstanding All-American kid. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as he learns to cope with this challenge. It sounds like Chance is the kind of guy who will continue to strive for excellence in all he does and he can use all the support Dawgnation can provide. Here is a link to Chance's Caring Bridge journal. Keep fighting Chance!

UGA VII... You know that young Uga VII died unexpectedly Thursday. He will be buried in Sanford Stadium this morning. Our beloved White English Bulldogs make the world's greatest team mascots but they are not a breed known for longevity. Maybe the UGA vet school should work with the genetics department to come up with a super Bulldog that can overcome the ailments that commonly afflict this breed. That would be cool. In the meantime, we feel bad for the Seiler family and the loss of their pet, who was described as the sweetest of the Ugas.

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