Tuesday, November 03, 2009


The Game

An average football team can never beat an excellent football team if the average team makes all the mistakes. A game in which we had zero margin for error, we yielded a -4 turnover margin. There is nothing else to write regarding X's and O's. So I won't.

The Gouge

That Brandon Spikes is a punk thug is nothing new. No surprise there. However, seeing him intentionally work his hand past the eye shade on Washaun Ealey's helmet and deliberately try to repeatedly poke his eyes revealed the true gutless, classless, garbage piece of shit that he is. What does it say about his coach that his deed will basically go unpunished? Obviously this play did not cost us the game or anything like that. This is outside of the game. This is about one punk-ass bitch and his dirty tactics that have not been limited to this single incident. Maybe Spikes better watch out for that the other bitch, known as karma, as she swings around and blows out his knee - or both knees.

The Comparison

David Pollack asked which was worse, the Lagarette Blount post-game punch or the Brandon Spikes eye gouge? The eye gouge was 100x worse by any measure. Blount was goaded into punching the Boise player after the Boise player, from behind, smacked him on the shoulder pad and said, "How'd you like that ass-whupping, BITCH." Spikes' intentional eye-gouge occurred at the end of a play with a defenseless player lying on the bottom of a pile. There was no provocation other than the fact that Ealey was trying to gain yards running the ball. Spikes made a deliberate effort to injure Ealey in the eyes so that he would have to leave the game. For all I know, he may have wanted to blind Ealey and end his career. Not his football career, his sighting career. Clearly when you try to jam your fingers into another man's eyes during a battle, you desire to injure and cause pain. Anyone of intelligence would also know that permanent blindness is a distinct possibility. Anyone of intelligence... so that rules out Spikes. In my view, there is no question which of these two acts was worse. At the time of Blount's punch, I said he should be suspended for the season. His coach, Chip Kelley, took that action. I believe that at a minimum Spikes should be suspended for the rest of the season. His coach, Urban Meyer, believes 2 quarters against Vanderbilt will suffice. Anyone surprised? Glossing over this egregiously dirty play is tantamount to condoning it. Now I ask, who is the bigger punk? Spikes or Meyer?

UPDATE*** Here is an excellent article that basically implies, as do I, that UberDouche Meyer is the real punk.


Eric Corbett said...

Strangely, I agree with you regarding the punishment for Spikes. I say "strangely" because I am a die-hard Gator with two degrees from Florida who has missed very few games home or away the past ten years and has been to every BCS Title and essentially every SEC title game in which the Gators have participated. When I first saw the replay on "Talkin Football" Sunday evening, the first thing I did was call several Gators and tell them to prepare for the worst in the media. I also told them all that I'd suspend Spikes for the rest of the year. His act has no place in college football. I don't know about too much other stuff that he has done, but I know what I saw in that replay and have to say personally I'll not cheer for him again until he convinces me he is sorry and he has served an appropriate punishment. One half of one game is not enough so I'll not cheer him at all this week in Gainesville or even on Senior Day in a few weeks against the Semis. Regards to Urban being a douche, I do not agree with that at all and will let the guy making the cheese to make the right call. I'm not sure Saint Richt (patron saint of excessive celebrations and narrowly averted riots) would handle it any differently.

Hunker Down said...


Seeing as how you are my favorite Gator fan, I appreciate and respect your view on Spikes and Urban. I would hope that Richt would at least make our guy sit for an entire game. If I was coaching and a player did this, I would send him home. But, I played at Navy where we could get sent home for a lot less than eye-gouging.

Regarding UF coaches... keep in mind we weren't very fond of Spurrier either.

Much Peace to you Eric. See ya tomorrow.