Sunday, November 02, 2008


Dear Gators,

We sincerely apologize for "The Celebration." Please accept all of these gifts as reparation. We know you may not even need them because you seemingly have everything anyway. But we are in a giving spirit and will be offended if you refuse.

My alternative headline was this...


I don't feel like writing much about this game, so this will be short. The Gators are an excellent team. We had no chance in this game if we made even one or too costly errors. Making errors by the fistful... well that results in the worst loss in the Richt era. Call it payback for the celebration if you like. But, take an explosive offense like the Gators, give them freebies like you are handing out Halloween candy, and prepare for an embarassing outcome. Congratulations to Florida for making us pay and pay and pay. That is what championship teams do. And, to make their day even better, Texas went down to Texas Tech in a thriller.

A few specific comments:

Mohamed Massaquoi is a WARRIOR. He plays fearlessly and is the most reliable receiver we have ever had in a Bulldog uniform. Let me know if you think that is inaccurate.

Stafford's hurt leg. I don't know if that caused the underthrows, but he had his man open for big gains on the first two pics if he didn't underthrow it.

The onside kick. I am not opposed to the call if we were in the lead. I didn't like it at that point with the score what it was.

Demps and Rainey... I thought we contained them pretty well. But, in the end, Tebow and Harvin are gonna hurt you.

How to keep Brandon James in check? Before the game I said we should just score when we have the ball to avoid risks of blocked punts or long returns. I didn't consider the alternative... turn it over on every second half possession. That also keeps Brandon James from taking one to the house.

Extensive pre-game analysis... I won't be bothering in the future.

Penn Wagers and crew... AWFUL. Though they didn't per se cost us this game, they certainly do not seem to have the capacity to call a decent football game.

Florida vs. Alabama... who will win it? I think Florida.

That is all. GO DAWGS!


LeakBrewerGator said...

Look at the bright side. That was the most ineffective Brandon James had been all year. Maybe you guys are on to something with this whole turning the ball over thing. It's probably safer than kicking it to James.

Hunker Down said...

That's not very consoling.

BulldawgJosh said...

You're right about MoMass.