Friday, November 07, 2008


I have been on the road since Tuesday and have not had time to pay much attention to the news leading into this game against Kentucky. From what I can tell, the lingering hangover from the WLOCP is worse than any in recent memory. How will that affect the players?

I am tired from my trip and still hung over from the WLOCP myself, so I will be brief...

The Dawgs need to start fast and keep their foot on the accelerator in this game to begin their healing process. This is not a game that just any win will make people feel better. No sir. Everyone is in a mood for an ass-whipping and they don't want that ass to be wearing silver britches. I feel like the team will not be especially sharp in Lexington and this could be a frustrating game a la UT and VU. That is not what we need.

However, in the end, a win by any margin is critical to point this team toward a 10-2 regular season record and a Capital One bowl bid. I truly believe we will win this in a game that is too close for comfort and I hope I am wrong. There is not any one thing that I expect to be a problem but just a general sense of malaise and drudgery. Look for an uninspired plodding effort resulting in a final score of 23 - 13. Damn I hope I am wrong. I am totally in the mood for us to ring up 50+ points while playing a modicum of defense. We shall see.


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Ally said...

Ugh. Feels like the Donnan years again.

At least it's better than Goff though, right?

That's what I keep telling myself to stop the crying. lol!