Thursday, January 17, 2008


Whenever you haven't posted for a while, it is always a good idea to come back strong. Like this...

Happy Friday!


Ally said...

Seriously? Ugh. lol.

Love your blog, but this clearly wasn't intended for your female demographic.

Just curious, where is Mrs. Lund and did she happen to make a "99 words" vid for Johnsons? Somehow I doubt it.

Hunker Down Dawg said...


Can't we all just get along? I thought everyone liked boobs! I don't know if there is a video out there for Johnsons - not going to be looking either - but here is a list of "Words for Johnsons" that is well over 99. So maybe this will make up for my neglect of my female demographic (which consists of my mom and you.)

Try the link, it is good for a few laughs even if it does become absurd at some point.

Have fun!

Ally said...

LMAO!!!! I was just joking with you Hamp ;-)
I'm afraid to check the link though - thanks anyways.
And you mean to tell me that your wife isn't on my side (and your mother's)???

Hunker Down said...


I know you are joking. The site I referenced has no images, just silly euphemisms for what my 4 year old calls a wiener.

My wife never looks at my blog. I could write a post that says "If Leslie reads this, she is entitled to a weekend at the Canyon Ranch Spa" with complete confidence that she won't be headed out west. She graduated from UGA but lets me and the kids represent the family as the passionate Dawg fans.

That is why my female demographic is only two deep - but it is a strong two!

Ally said...

LOL! Very funny.

My step-mom took me to Canyon Ranch a few years ago for her 60th birthday. I'm pretty sure that's the original Garden of Eden.

You two should leave the kids with the parentals and go! It's amazing - even guys love it.

Ally said...

Hamp, thanks so much for the nice message you left on my blog.
Yes, the Holidays were rough for me & my family, but God is very good. Being back in Athens is good for me.
Thank you again for the well wishes.
Many blessings to you and your family!