Friday, November 16, 2007


The Cats will score some points, mmkkay? But, worry not my friends because the Dawgs will score more. all the Dawgs have to do is run the ball as good as Vanderbilt. Does that sound doable with Moreno and Brown running behind an offensive line that is functioning as a solid unit the past four games? In addition to the o-line play, throw in a few deep ball connections between Stafford and Massaquoi, Bailey, Henderson or Goodman and you have a good chance of going over 40 points again this Saturday. If we do that, we will win.

Look for Georgia to get the running game going with a few toss sweeps to Moreno with the lethal blocking tandem of Southerland and Boling leading the way. Then we bust a few straight up the middle. When Kentucky crowds the line and leaves a corner in man coverage, Stafford checks into a deep ball. Sound familiar? It should because it has been a recurring theme the past three games and has led to scoring 42, 44 and 45 points respectively. Further, in the past three games, our run:pass ratio has been close to 40:20. With a comparable effort against Kentucky, a lesser defense, should lead the Dawgs to scoring over 40 again. One key to this formula working is that we cannot afford to turn the ball over like we did last year.

On offense, Kentucky will pass for over 250 yards. But will they be able to run the ball consistently? Their top tailback, Rafael Little is questionable for the game and has been banged up much of the year. However, they did beat LSU without him. If we can limit their success on the ground and make them one-dimensional, our front 4 can pin their ears back and get after Woodson. We sacked Tebow six times and Brandon Cox 4 times. I believe that if we sack Woddson 4 or more times, we will hold them under 30 points - which will be sufficient for a Georgia victory. If we sack him 4 times, that should also mean that he is under pressure another 4 or 5 times which should lead to one or two interceptions. If that happens, we could even hold them in the low 20's. As usual, the key is with our front four who have been playing well recently. In particular, Atkins, Owens and Weston must get nasty in the middle and play in the UK backfield all day. If that happens, we will have a great day in Athens.

Having said all of this, I now must say that it is entirely possible that this turns out to be a low scoring affair since all intelligible signs indicate a high scoring game. You know, the whole "This is a crazy, unpredictable season" deal. If it gets reduced to a low scoring game, we must control the fourth quarter with our ground attack and lead by more than 8 points prior to Kentucky's last possession. I do not want them to have the ball late in the game with a chance to tie or win. They have too many playmakers, like Dickie Lyons, Jr.

When the final horn sounds, expect Chapel bells to be ringing in Athens, but the goalposts will remain standing. DAWGS 45 - Cats 31.

GO DAWGS! GATA. See you in Athens.

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