Monday, November 05, 2007


I was not at the game and I only got to see the few highlights shown on The Mark Richt Show. Unfortunately, I will miss the CSS replay as I will be on the road all day today. Here is a question for you... did ESPN ever show a single highlight from the No. 10 team in the country Saturday? Did The World Wide Leader show a single highlight from the most electrifying Freshman tailback in the nation, who went over 1000 yards for the season behind the strength of his back-to-back games of 188 yards and 197 yards - including an 80 yard touchdown run? I know I never saw a highlight on ESPN and I watched football from 12:30 pm until after midnight. Oh well, if Knowshon can have another monster game against Auburn, it will be adequately covered by the ESPN - at least one would think.

In a nutshell, Georgia did what it needed to do to put away a pesky Troy team. It was a workmanlike performance with strong running, timely passing and sound, if not stellar, defense. The punt return from Thomas Flowers was encouraging. Here is one interesting statistic: The Troy offense had 32 rushes and completed 34 passes (out of 52 attempts.) Of those 66 plays, our defensive line and linebackers registered 41 tackles. I think that is a good sign with that many passes completed. Of course, many of their passes were into the flat, but still, it seems like our front seven was busy and making plays. Also worth noting is the several hard tackles made by undersized Rennie Curran. He is a tackling machine and will only get better and better. Everyone gets fired up by big hits and he delivered a few Saturday.

Now, on to Auburn.

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Ally said...

you're right about the tackels, but we cannot defend the pass. That's not good. Auburn will throw on us all day. Just hope we can rattle Brandon Cox like we did last year.