Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Week 1 HDD TOP 20

Okay, first a few preliminaries.

First: I remember back in the good old days, before ESPN dictated the media presentation of college football to the masses, when we had only a "Top 20" not a "Top 25." In that spirit, I present my "Top 20" and therefore I will not be burdened with choosing 5 more teams that none of you really care about anyway.

Second: I did not create a bogus Top 20 before the first games were played because (1) I was being lazy, and (2) it is a futile exercise anyway. As a result, I don't have to bother with explaining who moves up and who moves down, etc.

Third: After one week, I will only include teams who have won all of their one game. Sorry Miami.

And we're off...

1. Texas. The reigning national champ is riding a long winning streak and I will keep them at No. 1 until they either lose or look terrible winning. Besides, they are damn good.

2. Southern Cal. The team that was one 4th and goal stop away from their third straight national title deserves to be No. 2 until they either lose or look terrible winning. Plus, they are still completely loaded.

3. Ohio State. They look to be as good as advertised. A win in Austin Saturday could vault them to No. 1.

4. Tennessee. Stomping California's chances to have any legitimate gripe when they get left out of the BCS picture has earned the Vols the fourth slot.

5. Penn State. Solid team. Ranked ahead of FSU because, well, they already beat FSU this year, albeit not this season.

6. Florida State. Great defense. Mediocre offense. Still, the second most impressive win of the week.

7. Auburn. Washington State was a decent challenge and they Tigers had to play hard to separate.

8. West Virginia. I could have ranked them higher and I suspect they will climb throughout the season. Slaton and White are a dynamic duo and the Big East will not have an answer for them.

9. LSU. Hmmm. I am not sure how good they are yet.

10. Florida. Cruised by Southern Miss who have been giant killers on many occasions in early contests.

11. Michigan. Looked workmanlike in a win over Vandy.

12. Georgia. Will learn a lot more this Saturday against the visored evil one.

13. Notre Dame. Fortunately for the Domers, Chan refuses to let his QB throw to Calvin on every down.

14. Iowa. All I can think of is corn.

15. Virginia Tech. Beamer will put another good product on the field.

16. Louisville. Sorry to see them lose their star tailback. WVU was not sorry.

17. Clemson. What if Clemson actually looks good in the first few games? This must be a talented bunch.

18. Oklahoma. What was that?

19. Navy. Read my bio if you have any questions. Go Navy!

20. Rutgers. I just like the way they closed out the Tarheels.

Others receiving votes: none. That is why it is a Top 20 dumbass.

See you tomorrow with my Georgia-South Carolina preview.

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