Monday, October 08, 2012

Was the 1966 GA-FL Game Worth It?

I was merely a toddler when Bill Stanfill and George Patton beat the ever living shit out of Steve Spurrier and knocked his Gators out of their quest for their first SEC title. Apparently in response to Spurrier whining about a late hit, Stanfill said, "Excuse me, Stevie, I didn't mean to step on your skirt." Probably nothing in his life had the impact of that demoralizing defeat, for he dedicated his coaching career to beating Georgia and he has damn well done that over and over. His thirst for vengeance fueled an 11-1 mark against Georgia as the Florida head coach and a 4-4 mark at South Carolina but now with three straight wins. He has always been able to motivate his troops to play their best game against Georgia and it is quite impressive how one with such a strong, singular focus can achieve their foremost objective with such a high rate of success. (However, I must note that 6 of his wins were against Ray Goff.)

South Carolina has a tremendous defensive line and one of the greatest SEC tailbacks in many years. But I am curious to see just how they will play against LSU and Florida and even Clemson.They will probably win 2 of the 3 but I doubt they will play with the urgency seen Saturday.

I will be happy to see him retire. I don't think there is another coach out there with quite the malice in his heart for Georgia. It just isn't possible.


Anonymous said...

when The Old Ball Coach retires I believe he will have a single game contract for as long as he wants it. It'll of couirse be the Ga game!

Amanda said...

Everything happened for a reason that's why The Old Ball retires.. amanda vanderpool fashion

PCSRamon said...

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