Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tuesday Musings

A handful of thoughts for this Tuesday evening...

  • The running game through the first three quarters was an A+ effort for the entire offense. Marshall and Gurley are tremendous in space but the O-line has to help get them into space and then the receivers have to block downfield for the huge runs to happen. Marshall looks like he is gliding effortlessly when he is in his sprinting gear and the way he made the safety, who had an angle, tackle his vapor trail was most impressive. On Gurley's 55 yard TD, he did a great job cutting outside and then slowed up and gave an inside feint to set up the downfield block that sprung him into the end zone. That move was pure instinct. I don't think Bryan McClendon is teaching that in practice.
  • Durability... Later in the game we saw Gurley hobbling a little and then Marshall limped off after a collision. I was wondering why we wouldn't bring in Ken Malcome with fresh legs and his punishing running style. Or Richard Samuel. Was it a ball security concern with Malcome? Was it because Gurley still posed the biggest run threat? Was it because things were happening to fast to consider inserting Malcome?
  • Was Wootentheballcarrier certain to score a touchdown on that 3rd down slant in the fourth quarter? From my seat, it looked like there would have been no safety in position to stop him and he had already run past the corner. Damn. Just Damn!
  • I guess UT has a really good offensive line. Is that news to Tennessee people? Either that, or we were just playing way too soft against the run. They continued to move the pile on most carries and gain an extra couple of yards time after time. We can't be that soft against Marcus Lattimore.
  • I liked the couple of throws to our tight ends and want to see more.
  • I really really hope we got most of our "shitting the bed" out of our system in the second quarter so that we do not have a repeat of what happened last year with the Cocks, which eerily resembled what we witnessed for an incredulous 6 minutes against Tennessee.
  • Thank goodness Sanders Commings was back at corner. I hope the defensive secondary will gel even more this week for the second game that we have had everyone available. Oh by the way... we didn't have Alec Ogletree for the SC game last year. GATA Tree.
  • Tech losing to Middle Tennessee State by 21 points is pure awesomesauce. There are no other words.
  • The Alabama teabagger got 2 years in jail. There's getting drunk and doing stupid shit and then there is colossally stupid shit. Two years. Ouch.
  • Zach Mettenberger shaved his pornstache just in time for his trip to the Swamp where such grooming would have fit right in. Will it help his play? We shall see.

That's it for now. Go Dawgs! GATA!

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I don't think Bryan McClendon is teaching that in practice.Amanda Vanderpool CEO