Saturday, October 18, 2008

UGA-Vandy Observations

Georgia got the win 24-14. That is the most important point. It was not inspiring because of mistakes, dropped interceptions and frustrating play calling. Allow me to bitch for a few minutes and then I will get back to being sunny the rest of the week as we prepare for an epic trip to Baton Rouge.

1. We ran the ball almost at will, especially on the first drive of the second half. Then we abandoned the run and let the game tighten up and finally went back to the run late in the fourth quarter to secure the victory. Would have been nice to put this game away in the 3rd quarter. But, dumbass passing play calls prevented that.

2. Stafford had a good first half and an awful second half. He and the receivers were totally out of synch. So, why in the hell did Bobo insist on continuing trying to pass the ball when we could run at will? Stupid.

3. I love me some Knowshon Moreno, but why does he take a breather after every couple of plays? Sure, it is good for Caleb King to get some reps, but unless KM is hurt, he should be able to manage more than two or three consecutive plays. I have much more confidence in his running ability than I do in Caleb this year. Caleb will do some very good things, but KM is the special player right now and he needs to get the reps and needs to be able to stay on the field in the critical 4th quarter drive that can put the game away. This might seem overly critical, but it has been a pattern all year. ---UPDATE--- I saw that Knowshon's shoe came off after his second carry in the last long drive. That is why he came off at that time.

4. Drops by our secondary and LBs. I counted 4 that should have been caught and a couple more that would have been extraordinary grabs. Two of the dropped interceptions (I know there is really no such thing as a dropped interception because if it was an interception, by default it was not dropped - but bear with me) would have ended scoring drives by Vandy. Theoretically, this could have been a shutout if we could hang onto interceptions.

The SEC Truck commercial. It is sweet to see Dad and Son driving to the SEC game in the old Chevy truck. Tradition and all that. Can somebody tell me at which SEC stadium you can drive right up and park 30 feet from the gate while people are filing into the stadium? Seems more like Division III.

I am glad we got the win. It should not have been as difficult to put this one away. Bobo needs to become a little more comfortable running it down their throats if that is what is working.


Ally said...

Hamp, Knowshon had 172 yards yesterday. Maybe that was why he was a little winded? Also, don't forget when you don't see him running, he's also on the field blocking like a badass.

Ditto on almost everything else though!

Hunker Down said...

Trust me, I understand that Knowshon gives a great effort on every play. But< I like to see him in there on the drive when the game hangs in the balance. On our llast long drive Sat. I noticed on the replay that KM's show came off and that is why he ran off the field. Caleb made a few runs as well so I should appreciate the one-two punch. But, there is just something about seeing #24 in the backfield that inspires more confidence right now.

Plus, haven't you heard? The football ain't heavy.

Ally said...

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Sorry.

Great post though - have a great week!

Oh, and sorry about Navy. Really sorry, considering I had them picked for the upset dammit :-(

Hunker Down said...

I wish Navy could have brought a little sadness into Mark May's world by beating Pitt for the second year in a row. I didn't pick it however because I thought we would struggle. My brother (Also a Navy and UGA Law grad) went up there for the game.

I am heading to New Orleans on Thursday morning. Can't wait.

You have a great weekend and hope that our team has an awesome week of practice. It is now or never time.