Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I did not get a TOP 20 list out last week because I was traveling and had limited access to the internet. So '80s. ANyway, here is where I see the TOP 20 after 11 weeks of football.

1. Ohio State. Duh.
2. Michigan. Also duh.
3. Rutgers. See Kyle King for explanation upon explanation and pics of Kristin Davis. For me, the ultimate justification is that they remain unbeaten in a BCS conference and that is enough reason to elevate them above the one-loss crowd. They have West Virginia in a few weeks and if they finish out undefeated, they will be either number 2 or number 3 in many polls. It all solves itself in the end.
4. Florida. Yes the struggled against the Evil Visored One. Yes their offense looks sluggish. But defense wins championships and unless they lose to FSU (not likely) or Arkansas in Atlanta (completely possible), they will remain at this lofty perch.
5. Southern Cal. Redeeming win against Oregon. Hard to rank this team below Arkansas even though I understand that Arkansas now is nothing like the team that played USC on week one and committed 5 turnovers. Still, these are the breaks in a virtual single-elimination season.
6. Arkansas. If the Hawgs win out and win the SECCG, then they will have a legitimate claim to go to the MNCG. However, if USC and Rutgers also win out, their argument will fall short.
7. Notre Dame. If they win out, we will hear more than anyone can stand about their right to play in the MNCG. USC will be at the Colisseum. Good.
8. Wisconsin. The most unheralded team in the Top 10 just keeps winning. Very sound team but overshadowed in the Big Ten by the Game of the Century hype.
9. Wake Forest. Nice showing Seminoles!
10. LSU. Such a dangerous team. The best of the two-loss bunch.
11. Boise State. Undefeated against lesser competition.
12. Oklahoma. The next best two-loss team.
13. Louisville.
14. West Virginia.
15. Georgia Tech.
16. Auburn.
17. Texas.
18. Boston college.
19. Nebraska.
20. Tennessee. This is where I see them without Ainge.

Also ran: California, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Maryland.

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