Sunday, November 26, 2006


Evidently, all it takes to get these Georgia Bulldogs fired up and playing up to their potential is for me to issue a statement like this, "So much for finishing strong. It won't happen. This team does not have the character to right the ship. It makes me sad, but, admitting that you have a problem is the first step to getting help." I posted this after the loss to Kentucky when I mailed in the season. Fortunately, the kids in the jerseys had other plans. They have fought their hearts out the past two games and have earned total redemption, in my view, for the Vandy and UK losses. These guys have one more win before they finish the drill.

There was so much to love about winning the 6th straight against Tech. For me, the following are the foremost enjoyable specifics from the game.

1. Mohamed Massaquoi was perfect and had four catches, several in traffic, on the final drive to get us 2 first downs, a touchdwon and a two-point conversion. I hope the asses who booed him the last time he was on the field in Sanford had the decency to eat shit after he delivered us to victory Saturday night.

2. Coach Willie Martinez. Two straight gems registered by our defense against two good offenses. I believe that when looking at this season as a whole, CWM did a better job than most of us realize. Until the Tennessee game, our defense was impenetrable. The UT game smarted, but many of the points came from short fields due to turnovers. Still did not like the soft zone, but, based on our gameplan and execution against Auburn and Tech, I think it is clear to see that CWM got more comfortable attacking and leaving his DBs to fend for themselves and make plays. Which they did quite well. The defensive players really gave great effort the past two games and played with great intensity and determination. I hope that CWM will follow up these two wins with more attacking and press coverage. With the talent he has in the defensive backfield that will return next year, he should be able rely on their coverage skills and playmaking ability. In the end, CWM called very good games against 4 of our 5 most important rivals: South Carolina (0), Florida (14), Auburn (15) and Tech(9). So, let's all get of his back now. Umkay?

3. Martrez Milner. I am so glad that he has finished the season strong after his earlier problems catching the ball. In addition to making several key first downs in the last two games, I saw him make some spectacular blocks. He is so packed with potential and I hope he gets a chance in the NFL.

4. Mario Raley. Huge props to Mario for going out and playing fearlessly two weeks after getting his head removed and reattached at Kentucky. He had at least two catches on the sideline when he could have stepped on out of bounds but instead he put his head down and fought for extra yardage. I also saw him make one great block downfield and though I can't remember which play it was, his tenacious block helped us pick up an additional 10 yards on the play.

5. Matt Stafford. Since I stopped calling him Matthew and shortened it to just Matt, he is 2-0 with zero interceptions. He is such a talent and I think everyone now knows just how bright the future is for him. It has been an interesting season watching him learn on he job. His decision making and recognition of defenses improved steadily before our eyes and the past two games have been pure visions of beauty. I thought Tech was doing a great job of disguising their blitzes and coverages, but Stafford did not let them force him into any big mistakes. He is a true gamer.

6. Offensive Line. The walking wounded gutted it out yet again and had enough fortitude to pave the way for the final drive and give Stafford ample protection when we absolutely had to have it. Nick Jones and Ken Shackleford deserve some sort of medals of valor for their service above and beyond the call of duty. I am especially proud of how Nick Jones held this gimpy crew together for such a long stretch of games and led them to the two great performances against Auburn and Tech. He is a soldier!

This win over Tech is definitely sweeter than the previous wins in the current streak. In the past 5 wins, I had full confidence that we would win as we were the higher rated team and were expected to win. This one, despite the fact that Vegas had us as a slight favorite, definitely had the feel of an upset since Tech was higher ranked and was leading their conference while we were unranked and were in the middle of our conference. By the way, the SEC swept the ACC in Saturday's three inter-conference matchups, so we should not have to listen to any BS about the ACC being better than the SEC, at least not for a few weeks anyway.

Way to go Dawgs. You made us proud.

GATA one more time!

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