Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Do We Even Play The Game? (Redux Article)

As a lifelong Dawg fan, this SEC Championship Game against Alabama is the type of game you dream about but according to most of the talking heads and the Paul Finebaum Show we are awaiting a funeral. Despite our team playing lights out for the past 5 games, if we don't show up with our A game in the Dome, we are waiting for a funeral.

This would be an appropriate death dirge chant...
Where will we all be 1000 years from now? (hunnnhh)
Where will we all be 1000 years from now? (hunnnhh)
Where will we all be 1000 years from now? (hunnnhh)
Keep repeating that while pushing the boulder up the hill, only to have it roll back down.

I would usually look at this game and try to figure out what I think the Dawgs must do to win the thing. But, at this point, I am going the other way and channeling Munson at his poor-mouthing best. There is no way we can beat these guys. They are just too big and physical and they have all the momentum. They have the greatest coach of all time. They have the greatest program of all time. Our defense was once adrift like a rudderless ship. And our offensive line was struggling to block for the run, their pass protection was terrible earlier in the season. Our Quarterback is 1-49 against ranked teams. Mark Richt is 1-211 against ranked teams. Our University President is 1-976 against ranked teams. Bama is ranked #2 after being ranked #1 for yeares. We are doomed. Let the talk about Georgia being unable to win the big games begin anew. We will be lucky if we even score. This could be as bad as when Bama came to Athens during Goff's tenure and we lost 31-0.

There is only one thing that gives me even the slightest glimmer of hope and that is the shape of the football. If the damn thing was round, we would be done. But, it ain't round and therefore it could take a few funny hops our way. We will need every break, every weird occurrence, every freak accident, etc to go our way. Our team just isn't man enough to win this toe-to-toe, mano-to-mano. To put it another way, we will have a slim chance of winning if we play like this is Auburn or Georgia Tech instead of Alabama and have Bama play like they are South Carolina trying to hold on to the SEC East. This means that we don't drop first down and touchdown passes, but Bama does. This means we return a kickoff or punt or interception for a touchdown, but Bama doesn't. This means that we don't have any touchdowns negated by penalty, but Bama does. This means that we don't have a kick blocked or give up a fake punt, but Bama does both. You see, these odds are long... but, in the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, "You're telling me we've got a chance!" It's slim...we're talking frog's hair slim. But we do have a chance. And for that infinitesimally small chance... I will once again make the trek down to the Dome for hours of misery or ecstasy or a torturous mixture of both. 

While this may seem like a funeral, I will be praying for a resurrection. Come on Dawgs... Hunker the Fuck Down.


Cleary said...

We have every chance of winning! Silly!

Hunker Down said...

It's a strategy. A Dooley/Munson strategy. Let it be.

Amanda said...

Yeah! definitely right for the win..Amanda Vanderpool CEO

Anonymous said...

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