Monday, October 24, 2011

What More Need Be Said?

In previous years I have gone to great lengths to preview the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party - the game on the field, not the games in the surrounding parking lots. And every year, what happens on the field generally defies description. I won't predict anything except that this game is HUGE for Georgia and I hope our boys respond accordingly.

I will say that in the first half, while Crowell is healthy, fresh and not fatigued, we need to convert red zone opportunities into touchdowns. If we get into the bad habit of settling for field goal attempts and God forbid we even miss field goals... better have some nitro glycerin and some lithium handy.

I am doing my best to suppress my excitement and anticipation so that I can try to be productive at work until Friday. On Friday, as is the tradition, I am going fishing for big reds on the jetties. I am looking forward to seeing all the usual suspects who converge on Amelia Island for this festive weekend and I hope that Saturday night, we will have cause for celebrating until the wee hours. Until then... Gators... Gators... How'd You Like to Bite My Ass?



Todd R. said...

Has Muscogee Pulpwood gone superstitious on us?? This streak of no call and no show has got to violate some policy somewhere doesn't it?? To only have Pulpwood when we lose is akin to the delivery of a cold Gumby's pizza.

Hunker Down said...

Pulpwood has definitely become superstitious. Two appearances and two losses in 2011. 5 none appearances and 5 straight wins. As Crash Davis says... you never f#@% with a winning streak.

Amanda said...

Yes, definitely.. Pulpwood changed..Amanda Vanderpool