Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breaking Radio Silence

I was not surprised that we were unable to contain the Auburn offense Saturday and that did not bother me all that much. But the horseshit pulled by the super thug Nick Fairley left me extraordinarily pissed off. He is a piece of shit of the highest order and I know that karma will deliver him a sweet knee injury any day now. When it does, I will not feel sorry for him for a single nanosecond. It was awful what happened to Robert Edwards' knee out in Hawaii a few years back... but I wish that double on Fairley. Screw him. That is all.

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BigWheat said...

I think that was the sentiment of almost all Georgia fans. I'm still not over the anger towards Fairley. Although reading this link below made me feel better. It's very long, but very interesting as well - it basically lays out all of the players in the Pay for Play scandal at Auburn and the story behind it all. A lot of this is just rumor, but its still fun to think it might all be true. And it goes way beyond Newton. Would server those bastards right.