Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pulpwood in the River

Pulpwood Smith - Dunked in the Satilla River

On Sunday, August 23rd, 2009, Andre "Pulpwood" Smith was baptized in the Satilla River near Douglas, GA. The Baptism was performed by Pastor Marty Wilkes of the Crossroads Baptist Church in Douglas. The following photos were taken by Anne Marie Hanna Fussell.

Love the high-five! Way to go Pulpwood. God Bless You buddy!


BFR said...

Welcome back, Hamp! Bubba, Earl, & I were just discusssing this weekend whether we might witness a reappearance of Pulpwood this season. Our greatest hopes were only that we might find another "Monkey mail" or two, but you've delivered true-to-life photography! Nice! Hope the off-season has treated you well. The BNE staff is looking forward to another great season of football. Keep an eye out for us in Athens and and other SEC travel!

Ally said...

Something tells me his recent conversion is gonna prevent him from making me laugh my ass off each week of football season, no?

uga009 said...

You're probably right! But good for Pulpwood!!!

Robert said...

Oh no! Pulpwood would never leave or forsake you true believers in the Ga Bull Dawg Program.

He will be there to give you many laughs this season. I heard there was one put out just Tuesday.

Pulpwood said...

Stop with the monkey Mail. The real Pulpwood was playing 4/14 at alumni game